Simon Blazey a.k.a. 'The Blaze'

What Simon Blazey doesn't know about 1950s Australia, isn't worth knowing (well not to him obviously). The Blaze takes care of all the merchandise orders, visiting 'Big things' and making sure that there is enough KB for the annual general meeting.

He is too poor to drive a Hep car, but grew up just near a Golden Fleece Service Station and has been obsessed with Australian culture ever since.

Simon has left his side burns to Tim in his will, even though they are the wrong colour.

He is married to a babe.

Email him at




'Skinny' Tim Forrest

If ever there was a Hepper cat born, I would be shocked and stunned on your behalf. Tim has forgotten more stuff about the fifties than most people will ever learn. Which is not surprising really when you consider what he drinks, and the fact that hardly anyone knows anything about the fifties, even people who lived through it.

He drives a 1958 Ford Customline. Which is about as Hep as you can get without actually having the surname 'Presley'.

He has also met the Late great Johnny Cash, which is even Hepper than having the Surname 'Presley'.
He is also married to a babe, and has a kid who watches Bonanza.

Email him at

Did you know? Skinny-Tim and the 'Blaze' could been short-listed for an Australian Medal, each, For 'Services to Australian Culture'. All you hep folks who have benefited from our advice can nominate us officially. So don't forget to nominate us this Australia Day and we'll return the favour by nominating you next year, unless you are un-Hep, Ray Martin or a murderer.

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