Are you 'Hep'?

Take our quiz to find out if you are as knowledgeable as
you think in regards to all the crazy happennings of the 1950s, 60s and beyond.

Relax, grab a KB, a packet of Craven-A's -- and if you think it'll help -- Col Joye is
probably in the phone book.

1. According to Jimmy Little, in 1963, who could you speak to on the Royal Telephone?

2. How many Prime Ministers did Australia have in the between 1949 and 1966?

3. Dig Richards' back-up band were the…?

3. Col Joye's back-up band were the…?

4. Johnny O'Keefe's back-up band were the…?

5. Where had Lucky Starr been…?

6. What happened to the plane that came to rescue Country GOD Roger Knox, after his plane crashed, in July 1981?

7. Although she denied it, where, according to Ava Gardener, was the perfect place to film a film about "the end of the world" (in 1959)?

8. Name one of the International cast of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, who donned an Australian accent in 1959.

9. Who was the (fictional/credited) writer of They're a Weird mob?

10. True or False: Chips Rafferty was in an Elvis film?

11. What was the name of the Golden Fleece Ram??

12. The Big Trout is housed in which NSW country town?

13. The first number one on the Australian charts by a female artist was Barefoot...? by Noleen Batley

15. How did Col Joye nearly die in 1990?

16, The photograph on the cover of Johnny Cash's American Recordings (I) was taken where?

17. How did Hank Williams (I) Die?

18. Name all three James Dean Films.

19. In which Las Vegas hotel did Elvis take up a three-year residency, in 1971?

20. Where did Elvis meet his wife-to-be Priscilla?


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