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Finally, after great demand, the official Legend Feel Co. Sleepy Mexican range!
Over the years we have had dozens of requests about sourcing these, and now we are proud to say, that we have pre-fabricated, ready-to-be painted sleepy Mexicans.

Our Mexicans are made of 5mm Durable Aluminium (which will last a lifetime in the Australian heat), just ready to be spray-painted up in the same colours as your house numbers.

They come in two versions, the 'cactus' and the NEW 'date-palm', none of which you'll find on those stupid home-improvement shows on television.

The LFC can get one of these to your door for $55 each, including all postage Australia-wide, screws and fixtures.

Plus a free 'Original' Legend Feel Co. T-Shirt! (Only female sizes left, sorry)

Sold Out!

Undoubtedly the finest T-shirts ever designed, the official Legend Feel Co. "Sleepy Mexican T-Shirt".

It'd hard sometimes to be Hep when you have to leave the confines of your hep house behind you. So show everyone just how Hep you are, all you need is your Quiff, roll-up Levis, and a pack or Craven-A's tucked into your sleeve and the world will be your oysters' Kilpatrick, no-fricken'-worries.

$25.00? A steal in any man's language.



Sold Out!

Undoubtedly the second-finest T-shirts ever designed, the official Legend Feel Co. "Sitting (room) Duck" T-Shirt.

This is part of our new 'formal' range, and goes well with your Quiff, roll-up Levis, and a pack or Craven-A's tucked into your sleeve.

These also make a great gift for anyone who wants to impress potential in-laws, a mechanic or Supreme Court Jury.

$25.00? A ludicrous price, surely this can't be right?


Sold Out!

Nothing says "Hep" like a Legend Feel Co. T-Shirt, that's for sure. These icons-of-style are available only through the Legend Feel Co. website (which you are on), and a must for every stylish hep-cat out there.

All you have to do is fill out the form below, and we'll have that baby sent out to you in two shakes of a lambs tail.

All these babies will set you back is a mere $28.00 (Australian), a damn-site cheaper than a case of KB, and half as useful.


Only Female sizes left!

We still have a limited amount of the original LFC T-shirts left, so get your hands on the rarer-than-rocking-horse-shit version before they are gone for good.

This T-Shirt is a replica of the T-Shirt Elvis never wore in his world-famous '68 Comeback Special.

These are for sale for $25.00 each, at can't hang around for long!


One of the greatest things about 1950s/60s style was the ability to do even the most mundane of tasks -- say, making a martini, driving to the shops or gardening -- in complete stylish surroundings.

In homage to this, we at the Legend Feel Co. have created the Ultimate is mousepads, so you now google in style!

The LFC Boomerang Pattern:

The LFC Brick Wall:

LFC Gingham:

How Much? I hear you email. A mere $20 each plus Postage and handling. But you're better off buying shit-loads and only paying for postage once.