Whatever happened to Dig Richards?

I am no expert when it comes to Dig Richards, to me he is an almost a unreal, mythical character. Partly because he is (a) A legend (b) He only really lives on the internet and a handful of books , and not in my memory.

Digby Richards grew up in Narooma, and moved to Sydney, and met A guy called Jon Hayton in a music store. Jon thought Dig was (a) Good looking (being a dead ringer for James Dean, as you can see) and (b) had a voice, so signed him up as a singer in the band, the Red Jeans (later the R'Jays, then later the Rajahs).

They took off and Dig and the R'Jays were the third act signed to Festival Records (after Johnny O'Keefe and Col Joye), hitting the charts with their single I wanna love you. Initially he sung a bit flat (Am I the first person to ever say that?), but got his act together and produced some fantastic, rip-roaring tunes, and really honed his vocal skills.

He become one of the most prolific artists of the era, touring nationally (hilariously documented in Behind the Rock, in our Reading section) and made many TV appearances (even having his own show) well in to the late sixties.

He went over to America (sans R'Jays) and the UK in the seventies and re-invented himself, as 'Digby' Richards, complete with beard, and wrote some pretty good country-rock tunes (six albums), to moderate success. So what did happen to Dig Richards?

Tragically, Dig died in Royal North Shore hospital on the 16th Feb 1983 of Pancreatic Cancer.

It does beg the question, how does a pioneer like Dig, disappear from history? And more importantly, why doesn't anybody care about the legacy of such a man, and care so much about Angelina Jolie's fucking kids.

How to dig some Dig:

We have decided to build a Dig Richards site, which can be viewed as a demo by clicking here.

Please contact us if you have any informtion about Dig you feel like you would like to share with the rest of the world.


The great man himself hamming it up with the R'Jays, circa late 50s.

Whatever happened to Splayds?

What on God's great green earth happened to Splayds. I mean, things were so Hep in the fifties, even the cutlery was Hepper.

Splayds were in a great Australian piece of innovation, invented by William McArthur in the forties, and sold in his wife's cafe in Sydney. They were finally realised as a great piece of design in 1960, when they were a hot item. Almost five MILLION have been sold worldwide, which pretty much proves the Legend Feel Co's suspicions, that once again your Grandmother is a damn site Hepper than you probably are.

There are some morons out there who think these things are called "sporks", but then again, some people eat sushi.

[Photo courtesy of The Powerhouse Museum, but don't tell em' we've nicked it.]

Whatever happened to Golden Fleece Service Stations?

Ahhhh the Golden Fleece, the great Golden Fleece. A symbol that is proud and strong, that represents Australian prosperity and style. Well, it was until it was wiped of the landscape by Caltex in, or around , 1981.

As far as we can ascertain the Golden Fleece began in 1913, by H.C.Sleigh Pty. Ltd.

In those days fuel was sold in four-gallon drums until the first Golden Fleece pump was installed in 1920. Sleigh pioneered the concept of single brand outlets in times when the norm saw multi-brand service stations throughout Australia. In 1947 H.C.Sleigh Ltd became a public company, and remained so until 1981.

All we can do now is look at the Golden fleece with quiet affection, but luckily collecting Golden Fleece memorabilia these days is about as Hep as you can get. the best place to go would be www.ebay.com.au There is usually a wide variety of stuff up for grabs at any one time. So lets get it into private collections, and out of the rubbish tips and second-hand stores as soon as we can. It is part of our heritage, and aught to be saved.
Objects worth looking out for include:
Petrol-pump 'globes' (shown below) that used to sit on top of the bowsers; Bowsers; Plates and other crockery; clothing; 'oilers'; drums and tins; cufflinks; ashtrays; calendars; maps; brochures; toy cars; stickers; badges and plenty of other promotional and service gear.

Whatever happened to having sleepy Mexicans on your house?

What did happen to these things? You still see these around the Hepper suburbs of Australia, but how do you actually get your wanking-spanners on one of these without nicking one off someone else's Hacienda?

We didn't know either. We have never seen one for sale in any antique shops or junk-stores or anywhere.

So we came up with the solution! The Legend Feel Co. has sleepy Mexicans available right here on our website. The second rule of Hep is this: There is no point in even having a house, unless it has a sleepy Mexican on it, even if it does a 1958 Ford custom-line in the driveway.

Click here to see our fantastic range of sleepy medians!

Whatever happened to Paul Wayne?

In 1964, Paul Wayne had it all: A successful career, a powerful gutsy singing voice, an enormous quiff, the ability to share the stage with J O'K, Dig Richards, and Johnny Devlin in an infamous medly/sing-off; and a big stick to beat off the screaming girls.

He recorded some rocking tunes, such as: Don't do that, Movin' Day; I like it like that; Bye baby bye bye; Carol and Keep a walkin' to name but a few.

As I said, he could really belt these songs out too, even as he was pigeon-holed as a bit of a teen-idol, he was no slouch in the singing department.

So the question begs What Happened to Paul Wayne?

We have absolutley no idea, and neither does it seem the internet, anyone have any ideas, we would love to know. We really hope things turned out OK for you buddy, cause you were one rockin' cat.


Great News:

We have heard from a reader that Paul Wayne is alive, well and touring Australia with his "Kenny Rogers Experience" show. He has been doing this act for a number of years in clubs Australia-wide.

He also has a recording studio which records demos for up-and-coming acts. If I can give us an exact time and place that Paul is performing, we'll post it here.


Whatever happened to Sunnyboys?

Remember Sunnyboys? The triangular-pyramid-shaped ice block of the 1970s? Well they still exist in a fashion. You can buy them in Coles, but they are more elongated in shape, but are, in essence, the same old Sunnyboy.

Another thing that is still around is Fizz whiz, remember that stuff? You can still buy Fizz Whiz, pretty much anywhere, but you don't get the spoon with it like you used to.

They still have the clown on the front, but it has hade a make-over since the 1970s. The clown now looks like it is on drugs. Which it probably is.

Whatever happened to Chocburgers?

[Artist's impression, only better]

A lot of people never reckoned that these even existed, and even though these technically had nothing to do with the 1950s, we reckon they belong in here, as a forgotten part of Australian-culture.

Chocburgers came out in 1981, the same year as the Australian one-dollar coin. Chocburgers cost one dollar, which in those days, was hideously expensive, I guess about four or five dollars today.
I'm pretty sure that Streets made these, but even they know nothing about them, and can't even recollect ever making them. Probably because they were not a success, barely lasting the year out, they whole concept was swept under the carpet.

They have disappeared from history, and ours is the only reference we know of for the Chocburger anywhere.

Whatever happened to The Newtown Jets?

The Bluebags were one of the original teams to join the Rugby League (in fact the first) in 1908, and the rest is rugby League folklore...

Newtown were runners up in the NRL grand final in 1981 (beaten by Parramatta), and by 1982, were broke, done and dusted. As far as most people were concerned disappeared into obscurity.

However, The Newtown Jets (as they have been called since 1976) are still with us, still playing and training at Henson Park (Marrickville, in Sydney), and still literally, kicking goals.
In fact, since 1982, The Jets have been playing in the Metro cup, Jim Beam Cup, and eventually the New South Wales Premiere League. In 2006 they were once again runners up (to Parramatta, yet again).

Whilst not the best, certainly the Heppest, as the Jets have a great range of clothing and merchandise available, and slowly but surely the Jets are becoming a huge part of the Newtown community again.

In fact, 8972 locals come out in support of the team ever home-game (long story).

And even better, they sell KB at Henson Park.
Check out all the fixtures, and merch at www.newtownjets.com

Whatever happened to wearing hats?

What happened to hats? We live in an age and time where people die of skin cancers with alarming regularity, the ozone layer is diminishing, yet everyone still walks around with their faced exposed to the sun all day.
I mean, sure, you might wear a hat to the beach, or a hat to the cricket, but what about during your every day existence? i.e. getting to the train, walking to the bottle-shop or working on the EK?

We're not talking about baseball hats either; they don't protect your ears.
In his 1998 book How to be a man, John Birmingham wrote "Don't wear hats, only Americans wear hats due to the breakdown of their education system". Well the Legend Feel Co. does not endorse this point of view, quite the opposite. Buy a hat. Wear it. Don't get skin cancer.

Ben Chifley (left) never died of skin cancer. No sir-eee. He had a massive heart attack due to all the smoking, but die of skin cancer he-did-not.

Whatever happened to a six-pack of KB for the garbo's at Christmas?

What happened to leaving beer out for the garbage-men at Christmas? Does anybody still do that?

When I was a kid, my folks always used to leave a six-pack of KB out for the garbage-men. Has this stopped? Or have I simply failed to see any beer on top of the bins on the last garbage night before Christmas.

A friend of mine, Roger, was a Garbo in Canberra during his Uni days, he reckons every Christmas, he would take home at least eight cases of beer at Christmas, not bad.

These days, I reckon our Garbos get sod-all. Scant thanks for having to put up with our garbage all year I reckon.

Having said that, I reckon an unattended six-pack of beer would last as long as a snowflake in the desert around my neighbourhood, Christmas or no Christmas.

Whatever happened to Avon ladies?

Avon calling! Remember the Avon lady? One of the stitches in the fabric of Australian suburban life.

Our Avon lady was hot. Where did all they all go? Did they all jump-ship to Amway, or see the future coming and realise that the days of 'personal service' was going to the dogs.

Somewhere out there in the ether, are Avon ladies and milkmen all talking about the old days. Do people still hold Tupperware parties?

Whatever happened to having flying ducks on your wall?

There was a time when every house in Australia had a bunch (what is the collective noun for a bunch of ducks called? team?) of ducks flying up the wall. This was so popular (not unlike Tretchikoff-prints and tyre swans) that it was an icon for the 50s Australian lifestyle.

Flying ducks were a metaphor for an entire culture Goddamn it, and their absence is another one.

Whatever happened to concrete Aborigines?

The great shame of the whole 'concrete aboriginal' issue, was that for many Australians it was about as close to meeting an Aboriginal they were ever going to get.

It's really hard to comment on the 'concrete aboriginal'. In one way they were very endearing, lovely, and naive attempt at embracing our native culture, yet on the other hand an extremely offensive-rendition of it.

At the end of the day, they played a strange part of out nations culture, and should probably remain where they are now, in the past.

There is a house in Balmain (in Sydney), which has a few concrete aboriginals lying around in the front lawn, next to a few concrete koalas. I'd hate for anyone to be offended by them.

Whatever happened to tyre swans?

You're on the wrong page here, you know one of the principle aims of The Legend Feel Co. is to make sure every house in Australia has a tyre swan in its front lawn by 2010.

We will make Australia Hep again.

Click on our Hep houses page to see how you can make your very own tyre swan, tyre chicken and tyre pterodactyl.

Whatever happened to Hep laminate?

Why are people so conservative? Why does everyone buy Ikea kitchens, but more importantly does everyone have the same kitchen?

Kitchens are the cultural centre of a house, sure they are beautiful, but are they interesting? Laminex and laminates were a wonderful invention, still with us today of course, but for god's sake choose interesting ones, not black and white, or 'wood veneer.

Another thing missing these days are hep kitchen tiles, you know, good black and white checks. Also, crock-pots, fondue sets and Hep Tupperware.

Whatever happened to Bev 'Cindy Ray' Robinson?

Cindy Ray.

What a gal.

For those of you who don't know her, she was widely celebrated as the 'tattooed lady', ran her own tattoo parlour in Melbourne, and even invented her own capillary-action tattoo gun. I think. She was a true pioneer for many things in many ways.

These days, everybody has a' body-modification' of some kind, including most of the spice girls and Princess Fergie. But back in the early sixties being a tattooed chick must have been pretty full on. Everyone (no one) harps on about Germaine Greer being a pioneer of sexual equality and independence, well let me tell you, she pales in comparison to Cindy, and Cindy doesn't have an over-self-inflated view of her own importance.

Anyway. The good news is, that Cindy Ray is alive and well, and still tattooing. In fact, She was admitted to the World Tattoo Hall of Fame very recently AND also has been listed in the list of fascinating Australians that the Australian National Museum (Canberra) exhibited a few years back.

Sneer if you must, but I don't remember seeing you on the list.

Whatever happened to good advertising?

The standard of modern advertising and graphics, was one of the main reasons that the Legend Feel Co. came into existence, a back-lash against the ugly high-voltage visual world in which we are all forced to endure.

The lunatics took over the asylum in the late-sixties, and we have been suffering from it ever since.

When you look at some of the original commercial artists, their vision, talent and aesthetics were beyond anything that a graphic designer can do these days with fifty apple-Macintoshs’ and a million software programs, and a gazillion typefaces. And I should know, as I am one.

If you see a starving man in the street, there is a very good chance he is an out-of-work illustrator of immense talent, and a smart-arse spiky-haired, feet-on-the desk, smarmy shit-head in the latest grunge-look T-shirt, with ecstasy-habit and mobile phone with polyphonic ring tone of Moby is probably raking in a Hep hundred-grand.

It's beyond the pale I tell you.

Whatever happened to white dog-pooh?

This might be pretty-much irrelevent to anything at all, but just out of curiosity why do you never see white dog-shit anywhere?

Well this question was answered to me by Jeremy Lagan (see the big trout on our big things page). He told me that dog-food companies used to put chalk into dog-food as a filler, and it used to go right through the dog, and remain even after the nautural bits of the dog-pooh all wasted away.

As far as we know, all dogs are no Hepper than they were in the fifties, although lassie was pretty Hep when you think about it.

Whatever happened to the 'green-ladies'?

The largest-selling poster design of all time is this poster.

They are back as strong as ever, and if you're hep, you wouldn't be concerned, because you've got one of these in your house already.

Check out our Hep house page to see what else you might need to Hep-out your house.

Whatever happened to 50-50s?

Before there were Bacardi Breezers, before there was fragranced sparkling-pink champagne, before there was Jim Beam with cola, pre-mixed in a can, there was beer --and the best cold beer was 50-50.

Even when I was a teenager, you weren't Hep unless you were drinking 50-50s. A 50-50 was very simply half a glass of Tooheys New, and half a glass of Tooheys Old.

These days if you went into a bar and asked for a 50-50, the barman/bar woman (bar kid) would just give you his or her best dumb-and-stupid look, as if to say "we haven't got one of them grandad" . Actually let's try it, lets all get together and have national 50-50 day, in which we confuse all the bar-staff by ordering nothing but jugs of 50-50s from sun-up to sun-down.

Might take this one "right to the minister" Alan Jones-style.

Whatever happened to doing stupid-shit for no reason at all?

For example: Stuffing you and all your mates into a telephone booth or Volkswagen; wearing rockets on your heads; putting as many people on the wing or an aircraft, or on a motorbike as possible; or my personal favourite, getting a kangaroo and a man to have a fight.

Anyway, the point is there was no real victim -- unless of course you consider the Kangaroo, actually what am I saying, the bloke! -- And all was fine and well. THEN some sadist, who was obviously German, invented Candid Camera and it all went to hell quick smart.

Have any of you ever-watched Australia's funniest home video show? well let me tell you it is awful. The whole show consists of watching people do serious injury to themselves while the audience applauses! This isn't a million miles form what the fricken Romans got up to!

Anyway, then we found out about "Flash gangs"? In which hundreds of people hook-up over the internet (of course) and organise to get together at a place in time (say Melbourne Town hall, midday, 12th June), and just start howling like dog (for example) while onlookers wonder what the hell is going on. Then a minute later all the flash gang wander off as if nothing has happened straight faced. How Hep is that?

Doing stupid-shit for no reason at all? The Legend Feel Co says, "Go bananas".

Whatever happened to Fondue Parties?

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is as Hep as having a boiling pot of oil on your dining table. Technically there is something very "seventies" about fondue sets, but hear us out.

Fondues originated form Europe, (where nothing of any cultural significance has ever happened, not even music), and soon permeated into Australian society some time after the second world war, probably something to do with mass-European-migration.

The idea is brilliant, you dip otherwise fairly bland food into a boiling pot of Gruyere cheese, (bread for example) Chocolate (Strawberries, rock melon) or oil (anything you want). This does a few wonderful things. Firstly make the food tastier, a damn site more fattening, and far more dangerous.

When I was a kid, we had fondues all the time, and I miss them enormously. Actually now I think about it they have probably been banned. Anyway, the facts are as follows: (1) Everyone has a Fondue Set (2) No-one has Fondue Parties.

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned fisticuffs?

Back in the fifties, everyone was tough and learned boxing at school, people were a lot more courteous and civilly responsible. However, for some reaon, people used to beat each other up all the time.

If you went in to a pub in which you were not a regular, and could read and write pretty well, or possibly not wearing a Singlet, there was a 100% chance that someone would "go-you" as quick as look at you (have you read The Glass Canoe, by David Ireland?)
But after a few clean punches and a bit of "fair enough punchy, you win", the winner, would shake hands with you, slap you on the back and buy you a beer. Nice.

These days you WILL get punched in the head four hundred times by at least seven people, most likely stabbed somewhere fairly important, kicked in the head enough to do some serious, serious damage, all while not a sole comes to your defence.

Quite frankly, this sucks. The problem really is how do you reverse the clock on this modern-day protocol. As we all know "revenge is a dish served cold" -- do something that these modern day arse-hole ninjas least expect -- when you get out of hospital and the court case is over, urinate in the air-vent on the bonnet of their Subaru for as long as they live, and impregnate their sister.

Worried about the Decline of Australian Culture, or simply want to know what where to pick up a set of flying geese for the sitting room?

Or more importantly maybe you can help us out with some things. Things like:

1. What happened to that absolutley ridiculously gorgeous too-good-to-be-true barrel girl Panda Lisner?

2. What happened to Phyllis Donnelly, who was doing the wild-thing with Ben Chifley? When did she die?

3. Why was Kingswood Country taken off the air?

4. Why don't they ever repeat BJ and the bear on TV?

If you want to know what ever happened to something, just contact us and we'll try our darndest to find out what did happen. Either that or we'll just ignore you and add you to our mailing list without telling you.

Email simon@legendfeelco.com.au