Jukebox Bop

Bit of a nugget this one. Released by the National Sound Archives, it contains original songs by Australian 50s artists, including Red Perksey and his orchestra, The 4-speeds, Johnny Reb and his Rebels, The thunderbirds, John Laws (yes, THE John Laws), and the Denvermen. To name but-a-few.

Priceless. Shonky Elvis covers, Great stuff.

A night out with Australian Rock 'n' Roll

Another complete corker. Re-released by Canetoad records, it is a compendium of some of the greatest acts of the era. Acts include Johnny O'Keefe, Barry Stanton, Dig Richards, Lonnie Lee, Vic Simms, Digger Revell, Lucky Starr and Judy Stone.

Pretty Hep Stuff.

Spinning Around

Also a bit of a nugget this one. Released for the 50th Anniversary of Festival records, and was released in two volumes of two double CDs (four CDs in all) . The first CD in set one, covers 1952-1965... You can chuck the rest out.

Great Stuff. Col Joye, Dig Richards, Lonnie Lee, Noleen Batley, Lucky Starr, Jimmy Little, The Delltones you name 'em.

Got to be honest, a few nuggets on the second CD of volume 1... If you exclude the sea shanty and the odd song about wheat.

Repenthouse - Spurs for Jesus

If the spirit and mood The Legend Feel Co. could be put to music, then this would be it. Great Stuff, originals like This aint no place for a lady, but you look right at home, go well with covers like Drugstore truck drivin' man, by Gram Parsons, and The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers (is that a surmane or a verb?).

Sydney visionaries Spurs for Jesus put together Repenthouse a few years back and it has been a regular on the turn-table of every hep-cat ever since. Their second album The Dark Side of the Saloon was also released last year, which is bound to become a classic, all originals, all Hep.

Check out these and other details on what Spurs are up to on: www.myspace.com/spursforjesus right after you've ordered a t-shirt from us.

The Rocketmart Demos - Tyron Lyles and the Modern Eldorados

Holy Smoke, who is this guy? He looks like Elvis, sings like Roy Orbison and writes some absolute scorching tunes, ANNNDDDD he plays a white 1956 Gretsh Falcon!

In a world full of Brittney Spears and her ilk, it is refreshing to stumble across Tyron 'Gretsch' Lyles and his modern eldorados. The irony is this is OLD country. Nudie suits and all. If I had the readies, I'd fly to the US and check out one of these guy's gigs lickety-split, just to hear that Gretsch and his Gretsch hum like a top.

You have to check out his website www.themoderneldorados.com which is a mighty-fine and well-crafted site too.
This guy is slicker can cat shit on lino, let me tell you.


The Bastard sons of Johnny Cash

These guys have has three albums out, Walk alone, Distance between and Mile Markers. Distance between is a damn fine album BUT Walk alone and Mile markers have to be heard to be believed.

The Bastards are basically one guy, Mark Stuart, and he contains too much talent for one guy. Even Johnny Cash fully endorsed the use of his name. That ought to give you an indication of these guys talent.

If you look on iTunes, The BSOJC's biggest selling song is Radio Girl, and you'll know why when you hear it. The BSOJC? Buy the lot. Now.

On the Streets of Las Vegas - Reno Nevada

Another Cat who seems to be out there doing the good stuff is Reno Nevada. This album is surprisingly good (think Roy Orbison and Chris Isaaks' love child) and seemed to come from nowhere. The design and packaging are pretty Hep too.

Now out of print, so good luck


This is what you need - The Jackson Code

In the tasteless, brash, world in which we live, it's easy to understand why a band like The Jackson Code never made it big. They never made it big because they were by any measure-- excellent.

Written by Matt Snarski (no doubt related to Rob Snarski, form the Black-eyed Susans) about Hep stuff like cars, relationships, and the breakdown of both. Go and buy this is what you need today, it's great, although pretty much every song on the album mentions "mattress" or "bed" for some strange reason.

There is a hidden Elvis/Highwaymen track on it, which makes you feel glad you're alive -- just to know that someone somewhere is being Hep.


Trying to capture Australia aurally has proved to be bloody hard, but we reckon these guys have done it well, so lay your dollars down and score these babies.

Dan Brodie and the Broken arrows.

Hep Country. Simple. Elegant, All style.

Listen to Sarah, and Highway loving man, on Empty Arms Broken Hearts, and everting on Big Black Guitar, which is available included with an EP called I'm floating mamma, which includes a great song Even I wouldn't put up with me.

Dave Graney

As Dave says it's the sort of songs "you should hear in a Yass service station through old speakers"

Listen to Night of the Wolverine on the album of the same name is about as good as music gets. The whole album is great.

Also You want to be there, but you don't want to travel is a good album.
He also has a book called It is written baby which is great.



The CD of Buried Country is an unbelievable source of rich, rich music. Artists include the usual suspects, i.e. The Dude: Jimmy Little; Gentleman Jim, Bobby McLeod; The King, Roger Knox; and the Rebel, Vic Simms.

However, there are artists that we (and presumably everyone else) has been oblivious to; Herb Laughton; George Bracken (who has to be heard to be believed); and a host of other dudes who deserve a lot more recognition that Gay Sebastian bloke and all the choad-smokers like him.